It’s easy enough to spot a leaky faucet or wonky light fixture around your house but not all problems are so obvious. In fact, some of the most destructive threats to your home–like termites and toxic mold–typically can only be detected by trained professionals. But just because you can’t easily see these issues doesn’t mean you should ignore them outright.

Home Advisor has a great article on seven such hidden threats to your home and what you can do about them. From requesting the proper pre-purchase inspections–structural pest for termites, dry rot, and wood boring beetles and more specialized tests for things like toxic mold, asbestos, or lead-based paint–to spotting potential hazards like leaky water heaters and easily-clogged dry vents, you’ll find out exact what to keep an eye out for, what to do once you find it, and who to call if your home remedy doesn’t work.