If South of Market is shorthand in SF lingo to SoMa, why didn’t South Beach become SoBe? The difficulty would come with pronunciation: Soh-bee, Soh-bay, Sohb,… perhaps that is why it hasn’t caught on yet.  Further confusions comes when visitors expect to find an amazing beach at South Beach, there isn’t even a good beach. The best beaches of San Francisco as according to voting Yelpers are on the west of SF, on the Pacific.

Now that you know not to come here with your beach toys and chair in tow expecting a realizing day in the sun, what can you do here? Most of SoBe is mixed use/multi use development., with lots of tech startups flocking to the area in the boom and resulting luxury condos to accommodate all of the new techies. All of the businesses to support this lifestyle followed: high-end interiors, fantastic restaurants, cultural events,  art galleries and nightclubs.

South Beach is home to the city of SF’s only current major sporting arena, AT&T Park. This SF Giants baseball park opened for the 2000 season and provided baseball fans with some of the most superb view from sporting stadiums. With home plate facing the bay, it is certain that as the batters step up to the plate they silently make a wish to sail that leather sphere into the San Francisco Bay. During games the far, far right field seats are available only to those with boat!

If a boat is among your playthings, then South Beach Harbor would be the place to be! As of the 2016 New Year the waitlist at SB Harbor had grown so long it was most reasonable to discontinue accepting additions.

The Port of SF is also one of the South Beach’s wonderful places to take a walk and enjoy the permanent and visiting outdoor art installations. One of the famous art buildings in SF, the Noonan Building is located on Pier 70. The Noonan Building is a wooden building tucked behind the shipyards and there many artists spend their creative hours. The artists of the Noonan work in all forms, film to fabrication and have been since 1941. One of the most famous SF artists who works in the  Noonan Building is Frank Lobdell a local who brought an edge to Bay Area expressionism.

There is much to do, see, eat and enjoy in South Beach; who wouldn’t want to rest here as well. Looking for a place to call home in South Beach? You can find listings of current homes for sale or newly constructed condos.

Check out our video tour of South Beach.