San Francisco, CA – July 12, 2017Mark Shumway, Zephyr Real Estate agent in the Upper Market office, has a passion for San Francisco and a passion for the real estate industry. His drive and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed greatly to his accomplishments as a citizen and as an agent.


This dedication and his extreme optimism have also led Shumway into some trailblazing territory as a parent. Shumway, along with two others, is one of three parents to a young teenager in a new designation sometimes called “tri-parenting.” Courts traditionally have granted parental rights to two parents, for many years one mother and one father, colloquially called the “nuclear family.” Those rules have been changing across the country for families with two moms or two dads.


The need for more than two parents has been increasing in an effort to include an additional parent figure, such as a stepparent or grandparent. But modern families continue to evolve and expand for other configurations. In Shumway’s case, his friends Victoria Bianchi and Kimberli Bonner wanted to have a child. Shumway provided the male component, and Bonner carried the child to delivery. Legally, he and Bonner were the parents.


In groundbreaking and almost uncharted territory, Bianchi became a legal parent recently when the courts recognized her as a parent. The three parents in this family have collaborated since the birth of their child, and are delighted now that they all have the same legal status. According to Madison, their daughter, “ You just have more people there to support you and be there for you and love you no matter what.”


“I am continually amazed and delighted by our dynamic group of agents and their fierce commitment to our community and its wide diversity,” commented Randall Kostick, President of Zephyr Real Estate. “Mark and all our team celebrate the Bay Area, and contribute in so many ways to make this an even better place to live and to thrive.”


Courts in 10 other states have just recently designated third parents, though the issue still raises qualms. But like many aspects of living in this country, particularly in the Bay Area, we are a work in progress.


“Commitment to what’s important is the key to success in whatever you do,” commented Shumway. He extends his enthusiasm and commitment to his clients to help them find the perfect home. Whatever the lifestyle or family configuration, San Francisco has a place for you and Mark will help you find it. He may be reached at [email protected] or 415.314.0870.


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