If you’re spending longer and longer circling blocks while praying for parking in San Francisco, don’t worry. It’s not you. As The Chronicle’s Matier and Ross report, the city’s “Transit First” policy is having a noticeable impact on available parking spots — especially downtown. Everything from bike lanes and parklets to temporary bus zones for the city’s 30-some-odd privately run bus lines are all nibbling away at San Francisco’s supply of street parking.

And, according to SFist, the problem likely isn’t going to improve for drivers any time soon. Some 180 spots were removed throughout downtown last year and another 591 are expected to be lost by the end of 2015. Nearly 1,600 spots in all are slated for removal in the coming years (unless the SFMTA decides to nix more). Now would be a good time to dust off that old 10-speed and refill your Clipper card.