The gentrification fight just got real. Real political. CurbedSF reports that a coalition of housing advocates are working to get a moratorium on market-rate housing in the Mission into the November election. A draft of the moratorium would halt construction of any building with 20 or more market-rate units and would do so for 18 months. What’s more, it would cover the entire district.

“Our goal is not to stop all development. Our goal is to stop incredibly large development that focus exclusively on market-rate housing,” Latino Democratic Club’s Edwin Lindo told the Business Times. “We need a pause to ensure that if developers are going to build in our city they’re going to figure out a way to build affordable housing.”

The reasoning behind the moratorium is to allow a brief “time-out” that would supposedly allow city planners time to create sensible housing regulations. Of course that also (mistakenly) assumes that the Planning Department is even capable of creating such a plan in that amount of time. I fear that, while well-intentioned, such a proposal could scare off developers, hindering much needed growth in the Mission — and the rest of the city for that matter.