According to a newly released report [PDF] by a Board of Supervisors analyst, short-term AirBnB rentals could be keeping between 11 and 23 percent of the available stock of vacant rentals in San Francisco’s Mission District off the market. That’s roughly 925 to 1,960 full-unit rentals! All of which could potentially house permanent residents rather than tourists. What’s more, as of December 2014, 199 units were listed on AirBnB — more than double the 85 units added to the embattled district’s housing stock all of that year.

It should be noted, however, that this study was commissioned by David Campos (a pro-tenant Supervisor who recently proposed the 45-day moratorium on new market-rate housing) and much of the numbers had to be sussed from publicly available data, so there’s no guarantee that they’re accurate. Head on over to Curbed SF for a full breakdown of the findings. And if you’re tired of the rental runaround, now is an excellent time to purchase your own home — give your realtor a call today!