Recently I asked some of my past clients to use 3 words to describe me as a Realtor.

And here is what they said:

Personal, business savvy, responsive, reliable, knowledgeable, dedicated, confident, assertive, emphatic, professional, courteous, active, direct, energetic, truthful, accurate, organized, educator, honest, positive, supportive, informative, patient, hardworking, thorough, efficient, creative, very patient, pleasant, genuine, trustworthy, open minded and hearted, realistic, determined, responsible, diligent, multilateral, motivated, focused, thoughtful

Well, what are you looking for in a Realtor? Support and answers to all the questions you will have throughout the adventure of buying or selling a home? I believe in education and take pride in explaining the sometimes confusing real estate terms and procedures to you in detail. What would you like to know?

When I came to the United States I could not speak a word of English. I came with 3 suitcases, my daughter and $1000. I worked 3 jobs at a time while attending college to learn English. Many great people helped me along the uneven way. I’m thankful to every one of them.

Years later, I’m now a home owner and investor in San Francisco, the city I fell in love with. Having personally gone through remodeling, fixing up, and converting property from TIC to Condominium, I gained experience you will profit from. I have been giving back to the community by volunteering and of course by helping my clients in the most efficient German way. ;o)

Personal Approach... Professional Results