If you are looking for a person who Listens to your needs, is Dedicated to his clients, Knowledgeable and Passionate about real estate, and who works more like a Consultant then I may just be your best option. I also have a strong understanding and good track record in TIC’s, Probate sales and investment property as well as the more normal Condo and Single family home transactions.
I really like to initially meet buyers in a casual atmosphere (coffee shop / cafe) and get to know each other a little bit before starting to work together. My past clients and I find this beneficial in many ways including on how to translate my British accent and funny words.
I relocated from London, England in 2002 to Davis. What a change! From a Metropolis to a University town of sixty thousand people. It was not too long before I spent more and more time in San Francisco than any other area and as soon as I could, I made the move to this wonderful city. When I first arrived I purchased a home, remodeled it, and quickly realized that I could use my skills from 20 years of sales and management to help others find their dream home.
Real Estate has become my life, I Just Love It, The Homes, The People, My Friends, My Clients (who have become friends), and the City.