Congratulations to Rob Rogers, he will be celebrating 22 Years at Zephyr Real Estate and is based at our Noe Valley office. Get to know him better as we go behind the scenes to learn more about his favorite spots and life as a Realtor.

1. Approximately how many homes have you sold in your career?

Since coming to Zephyr in 1993, I have sold over 1000 homes, including several newly built multi-unit condominium buildings, many, MANY single family homes and countless condos and TICs. I don’t really care about the size of the sale or the price, I only care about finding the exact right fit for my clients and their goals.

2. Something you may not know about me is?

I have been with my partner for 42 years! We got married on our 40th anniversary because gays were finally recognized by the Supreme Court.

3. Favorite pass-time when you’re not hard at work with real estate?

My favorite pass-times are enjoying time with my twin grandsons Matthew and Omar as well as with my dog, LeeLoo. I am also a huge Giants fan and go to as many games as I can. Now I am also a big Warriors fan because I love the camaraderie of the team. I also love to travel and see the sights of the world. Last year we spent 3 weeks camping in Africa and going on photo safaris.

4. If I weren’t in real estate, I’d be?

Real Estate and solving my clients problems is such an integral part of my being that I have to go all the way back to the 1980s when I was in the fashion design business, but I find real estate to be so much more rewarding both emotionally and financially. There is nothing I love more than seeing a first time buyer getting their first set of keys to begin their financial security, and then I love it even more when they call me because their family has grown and I need to find them a bigger home!

5. Favorite Design Trend of all time?

In terms of architecture, my favorite is the 1930s Spanish Mediterranean. There is a lot to love about the facades of Victorian homes and the clean lines of mid-century modern.