Congratulations to Joan Loeffler, she will be celebrating 20 Years at Zephyr Real Estate and is based at our Upper Market office. Get to know her better as we go behind the scenes to learn more about her favorite spots and life as a Realtor.

1. Approximately how many homes have your sold in your career?

In my career of 20 years, I’ve sold over 200 homes.

2. Three things people may not know about the neighborhood you live in?

  1. My Portola neighborhood is a paradise with the 312 acre John McLaren Park where I walk my dogs Punkin(featured) and Lolly. It has lakes, reservoirs, natural creeks and marshes. It was the flower growing area for the city with many greenhouses all over the area and now only one greenhouse is left on Hamilton Street.

  2. We have a Garden Tour every fall where neighbors put their homes on tour and people pay to see them. The money goes to a scholarship fund at City College in the Horticulture Department. It was started by neighbor Ruth Wallace and is a big success.

  3. How do you say Portola: Is it POR-tola or Por-TOLA. Many of the old Maltese residents say POR-tola with an accent on the first syllable.

3. Favorite view location in SF?

Hard to say which is my favorite. I love the view of San Francisco from the tip of Marin County  overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. The top of Bernal Hill is also pretty cool.

4. What would you be if your weren’t a real estate agent?

If I weren’t an agent, I think I could have been a great Social Worker because I am a problem solver, natural nurturer and natural networker.

5. What is your favorite room in the home and why?

The Living room – it overlooks McLaren Park and offers me views and a sense of security at the same time.