Congratulations to Dave Cunningham. Dave will be celebrating 5 Years at Zephyr Real Estate this month and is based at our Upper Market office. Get to know him better as we go behind the scenes to learn more about his favorite spots and life as a Realtor.

1. What lead to your passion for Real Estate?

I got into real estate after 10 years in the corporate world. What I love the most about real estate is the people and the gratification that comes from helping people build wealth and even more importantly being involved in getting them a home that they will spend years in.  I love working for Zephyr Real Estate because I find them to be a leader in San Francisco, especially in the neighborhoods I focus on (Castro, Noe Valley, Potrero, Bernal, SOMA, Hayes Valley, Cole Valley, Ashbury Heights, Haight).  Zephyr is the most San Francisco centric brokerage in San Francisco and a leader in social media, technology and agent support. I believe in the Law of Abundance which says there’s always another buyer, seller, sale, etc. so you never have to hang on to anything that isn’t working.  My clients love this and it sets me apart from the average Realtor.

2. How many homes (approx) have you sold in your career?

I’ve sold dozens of homes in my career but I’ve learned that one sale does not make a career, so my focus is more on my clients and what I can do for them and with them than on my past accomplishments.

3. What Neighborhood is most dog friendly?

I think the Castro is probably the most dog friendly neighborhood.  I have a 10 year old Fawn Pug named Prince and I take him almost everywhere with me, to restaurants, bars, bank, etc.  Noe Valley where I live is also very dog friendly and San Francisco is very dog friendly!  I even take Prince on MUNI!

4.  Something you may not know about (your)neighborhood is?

I think something people may not know about Noe Valley, where I live, is that it is incredibly clean, safe and diverse.  It’s not just families with children, there’s a little bit of everything going on in Noe!

5. Favorite Happy Hour spot in SF?

My favorite happy hour spot is Midnight Sun in the Castro on 18th Street.  They have 2 for 1 call happy hour everyday from 2p.m. – 6ish?  They let me bring my baby Prince with me into the bar!  My favorite drink?  Absolut Ruby Red and soda with a twist!  It’s $8 for 2 of those and they make them strong!