Congratulations to Anita Alleyne. Anita will be celebrating 1 Year at Zephyr Real Estate this month and is based at our Potrero Hill office. Get to know her better as we go behind the scenes to learn more about her favorite spots and life as a Realtor.

1. How many homes have you sold in your career (approx)?

Anita has represented many buyers sellers and investors in almost all of San Francisco’s Real Estate neighborhoods. She loves condo City living and now also represents clients in Emeryville, just minutes across the Bay Bridge…

2. If you could make the move to any SF neighborhood tomorrow, which would you choose?

Though Anita lived in Potrero Hill for 12 years before moving to Emeryville, Her ideal area to live in would be Russian Hill.

3. What are the top 3 wants/needs clients most desire in a home these days?

Open kitchen and living areas, options for additional income, within steps of major transport connections and shops.

4. If I wasn’t in real estate, I’d be ____.

Spending time, working on many different charity projects throughout the year such as, overseas helping villages create micro businesses, working to support solutions to  San Francisco’s homeless issues, visiting family in England,  giving presentations for diabetes and cardiac health management, offering pain management and personal development sessions to groups supported by organizations like Glide, and finally finding the next extreme sport I want to try!

 5. Best advice for Homebuyers and Sellers this year? 

Buyers  –  present your pre-approval letter showing your loan amount and your down payment. This shows you are qualified to make your offers on the property you want.

Buyers – write an offer on a different property if you miss out on the first one. Being flexible can be rewarded.

Sellers – help buyers set their expectations if you plan to take your antique range, window coverings or anything fixed to your property that you want as personal property.

Sellers  –  your estimate of net proceeds along with your listing agreement show that you are ready for what may be a short period from agreed contract to closing.

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