Congratulations to Whitney Davis! He is celebrating his 12-year anniversary with Zephyr Real Estate in September and is based at our Upper Market office.

Whitney has had the real estate industry buzzing through his veins long before he joined Zephyr in 2004. His grandfather and mother were both Realtors, through which he innately soaked up the key skills that eventually supported his career in and passion for real estate. Whitney’s love for his work has helped him to create genuine relationships with his clients, helping them to make better decisions ignited by his market knowledge and can-do attitude. And when it comes to defining going above and beyond in client relationships, Whitney’s networking efforts are unparalleled. He has remained friends with every client he has ever had through the years. He hosts ongoing events to continue seeing them on a regular basis including monthly Happy Hours, an annual holiday party, a Cinco de Mayo party, and a charity event (the UCSF Art for AIDS Auction) to which he provides a VIP guest list for over 80 people each year.

When catching up with Whitney about his Zephyr anniversary, he shared some inside information to get to know him better.

1. What neighborhood (or city) do you live in and why? How long have you lived there and what do you love best about it?

“I’ve visited 26 countries around the world, and lived in some very exotic locales (Rio de Janeiro, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, just to name two) and moved to San Francisco 32 years ago.   It is by far my favorite place on earth. I love the geography, the diversity, the entrepreneurial attitude and, of course, all the weather.”

2. Do you have a favorite architectural style or building in SF? In the world?

“When I first came to SF, I fell in love with the Victorians, which is a pretty common occurrence. But over time, I’ve helped my friends purchase and sell several Mid-Century homes, and really have begun to like their lines and spaciousness. They lend themselves to almost any decor.”

3. Is there one neighborhood in SF that you think is truly a hidden gem and why?

“There’s a little “pocket” neighborhood in SOMA, between 10th and 12th, Howard and Mission, that nobody knows about. It’s close to everything, but has quiet, tree-lined streets and is only about four blocks square. You are surrounded by the City, but in a tiny oasis.”