Congratulations to Vanessa Gamp! She is celebrating 7 years with Zephyr Real Estate this Fall and is based at our West Portal office.

Born and raised in San Francisco’s Sunset District, Vanessa is a 7th generation native. Her combined knowledge and love for the City brings true passion to her business, while her wide-ranging network provides her with the ability to offer her clients the best resources available. Vanessa uses the latest technology in data analysis combined with her personal knowledge and experience of San Francisco neighborhoods to assist her client’s in the buying or selling process. And she attributes her success to her clear and consistent communication, creative thinking and innovative techniques, all the while having fun.

When Vanessa isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, cooking, dining out around the City, and going to the theater. She is also an avid San Francisco sports fan and attends Giants and 49er games whenever she can.

When catching up with Vanessa about her Zephyr anniversary, she shared some inside information about herself to get to know her better.

1. What do you love to do in your spare time? Do you have a favorite place to hang out?

“I love to take advantage of San Francisco’s amazing culinary culture. Finding a great neighborhood restaurant, a place with hidden patio or garden seating, or the best weekend brunch in the City is my favorite kind of treasure hunt. One of the coolest things about of our City is that so many of the owners of our restaurants and bars work IN the establishment. You get this whole different experience when you get to make a connection to the person or family that’s creating your food and drinks. Hands down one of the best parts of SF culinary culture.”

2. What do you think is the most important room in the house that clients focus on when buying and why?

“Different clients have different rooms that are important to them, but generally I find that most people care a lot about the kitchen. Whether they are an avid cook and want to make sure there is plenty of cabinet space and great appliances or if they are restaurant delivery devotees and just want to make sure they have a great space to eat or host a meal with family and friends…people love a great kitchen. It truly is the heart of many homes…and where the party always ends up!”

3. Is there one neighborhood in SF that you think is truly a hidden gem and why? 

“West Portal! Not only do I work in the West Portal Office, I actually grew up in West Portal just 6 blocks away from where my office is now. While I have always known what a fun area it is full of restaurants, shops, mom and pop places and tons of SF history, I had no idea how many San Franciscans have never even HEARD of it! It’s this awesome mix of “blast from the past” meets 2016. With a variety of bars, restaurants, stores, just about every bank under the sun, and some great every day convinces like dry cleaning and pet grooming it’s a fantastic part of town and a go-to destination for many Parkside/Sunset residents.”