Congratulations to Tim Gullicksen! He is celebrating his 15-year anniversary with Zephyr Real Estate this summer and is based in our Pacific Heights office.

Tim Gullicksen grew up in the Bay Area, a true honor that he attributes to his great grandparents who moved to the Bay Area during the Great Depression. Tim grew up with an extended family throughout the city and its suburbs and has lived in the South Bay, the East Bay, and on the Peninsula. With his unique breadth of knowledge about the Bay Area real estate market, Tim maintains a truly client-focused mission and goes where his clients’ needs take him from working with first-time buyers to multi-million-dollar building purchasers.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Tim went on to earn his Masters in education. Tim now utilizes an educational approach that he crafted from years of extensive experience in a classroom as a teacher to provide the best experience for his clients. This approach empowers Tim to reach beyond the title of salesman and present himself as a resourceful facilitator of property transactions.

Tim has been a Top Producing agent since his intro to the business in 2002 and he takes great pride in the role he provides to his clients, from showing properties to the minute details of paperwork, taking full responsibility to get the job done right. His fostered professional relationships with service providers within the community, is an extension of the seamless experience he extends to each of his clients.

We got to know Tim a little better when catching up with him about his Zephyr anniversary.

1. What neighborhood/city do you live in and why and what do you love best about it?
“I live in the Castro, and absolutely love it. I can walk to the shops, restaurants and transit in less than 5 minutes; or to Dolores Park in about 5 minutes. Yet my block is entirely residential, tree-lined and peaceful. I love having access to the action when I want it, and solitude when I need it.”

2. Do you have a favorite architectural style or building in the Bay Area, or in the world?
“My favorite era for architecture is the 1920s. Whether its Craftsman bungalows or storybook architecture these houses have a more modern layout than their Edwardian and Victorian predecessors, but retain elements of style and craftsmanship that largely disappeared after the 1940s.”

3. Is there one neighborhood, or city, in the Bay Area that you think is truly a hidden gem and why?
“There is a neighborhood in the Oakland Hills called Grass Valley that is extremely small, isolated and gorgeous!!! I just love that area. I have never sold a house to a client there, but I feel like it’s the kind of place I could go to for a relaxing vacation. The homes aren’t big or fancy, but the pride of ownership shows.”

4. What is your favorite part of being a real estate agent?
“I’ve got 2 answers for this. 1) I love, love, love looking at property. I do it for fun when I am traveling! and 2) I love helping people find a great place to call home. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be chosen as someone’s agent. The thrill of the hunt has never been diminished for me.”