Congratulations to Tiffany Pavon! She is celebrating her 2-year anniversary with Zephyr Real Estate this winter and is based in our West Portal office.

Tiffany Pavon has lived in San Francisco for more than 15 years. Prior to jumping into the real estate industry, Tiffany spent over 15 years in customer service and business management, invaluable tools that have strengthened her negotiating and people skills. One of Tiffany’s greatest assets in client relationships is being able to take each detail and need from her clients to provide a stress-free experience for them.

Tiffany has built her clientele, and continues to do so, by referrals. She not only can add her innate knowledge of the Bay Area to each client relationship, but she is also able to extend a long list of local references to her clients that she has fostered with care over the years. As a mother of three, she is very knowledgeable about the San Francisco Public School system and is able to offer a unique insight into what makes a home valuable, such as neighborhood schools.

We got to know Tiffany a little better when catching up with her about her Zephyr anniversary.

1. What neighborhood/city do you live in & why? How long have you lived there and what do you love best about it?

“I have lived in the Parkside neighborhood for the past 5 years and one of my favorite things about my neighborhood is the sense of community. My Neighbors all know each other and will go out of their way to help out when needed. In the Parkside/Sunset there is a community that really cares and focuses on what is important to making our community one we can be proud of. Oh–and did I mention we have some of the best restaurants and coffee shops out here?”

2. Do you have a favorite architectural style or building in the Bay Area? In the world?

“Victorians, I have always loved Victorians. When you look at the way they built each home with such attention to detail that still stands out today. There is something about the style and facade that is just so beautiful. One of my ambitions is taking old dilapidated Victorian and restoring it to its original glory and make it my home.”

3. Is there one neighborhood in the Bay Area that you think is truly a hidden gem and why?

“I have spent much more time in the Bayview over this past year and have gotten to know some of the people who call Bayview their home. When you talk with Bayviewites they get so animated and love to tell you about the Bayview and its history and how it has changed over the last few years. One of the treasures of the Bayview – The Bayview Opera House just had an amazing historic restoration. I highly recommend a visit to check out one of their events and why not head to one of the great restaurants that Bayview has to offer for dinner after?”