Congratulations to Tanja Beck! She is celebrating 12 years with Zephyr Real Estate this November and is based at our Noe Valley office.

Tanja Beck began her journey in San Francisco when she moved here from Germany in 2001. While learning a new language and exploring the City, she quickly fell in love with San Francisco. Tanja is now an investor and homeowner, living in the Bayview with her two daughters. Tanja confidently extends her first-hand experience of remodeling, fixing up, and converting a property from a TIC to a condominium to her clients, leveraging their experience in the Bay Area market.

Tanja joined forces with Scott Rose to form My Team SF in 2011 and together they represent the Bayview’s #1 selling team. They each bring a distinctive set of professional skills to every client relationship, providing personal touches that make every home buying and selling process an enjoyable experience for their clients. Tanja and Scott have a shared passion for helping clients reach their goals, fueled by their data-driven decisions, extensive local knowledge, and a commitment to providing a seamless journey.

When catching up with Tanja about her Zephyr anniversary, she shared some inside information about herself to get to know her better.

1. What neighborhood do you live in and why? How long have you lived there and what do you love best about it?

“I have lived in the Bayview for the last 5 years. I love it because it has a great community and the best weather in the whole city. I know all of my neighbors and the streets are wonderfully wide so there is never stress driving.”

2. What do you love to do in your spare time? Do you have a favorite place to hang out?

“I love to garden and attend to my chickens, dogs and bees. Everything outdoors makes me happy.”

3. What neighborhood have you seen change most in San Francisco?

“The Bayview. Most neighborhoods in SF only have slight changes up their sleeve. The Bayview is the fasted growing and changing neighborhood in all of SF. Soon the new shopping center will open at the old Candlestick stadium with parks and recreational areas. A movie theater, concert hall and modern high-rises are also in the plans.”