Congratulations to Steve and Debbie Dells! They are celebrating 10 years with Zephyr Real Estate this November and are based at our Upper Market office.

Steve and Debbie Dells have two sets of skills and one focused purpose: to achieve their client’s goals. Steve, a native Richmond District San Franciscan, and Debbie, here from New York for 35+ years, are known for their ethical standards and enviable results from negotiation thru follow-up. Together they combine cutting edge technology tools with honest communication to make real estate transactions understandable and satisfying. They have happily represented buyers and sellers throughout the City–north Russian Hill/Pacific Heights, south and east from Glen Park to Potrero Hill, west to the Sunset and Richmond—and love it all!

Recent travels have expanded their interest in national and international real estate opportunities. Steve and Debbie now extend their top-notch connections to their clients, helping homeowners who are entertaining the idea of moving or splitting time between the Bay Area and other parts of the country or world.

When catching up with Steve and Debbie about their Zephyr anniversary, they shared some inside information about themselves to get to know them better.

1. What neighborhood do you live in and why? How long have you lived there and what do you love best about it?

“My 1st apartment in SF, back in 1977 was on Hartford St. in the Castro. After marrying Steve, we bought a condo on Dolores & 16th St. Seventeen years and one daughter later, we bought our home up the hill in the Dolores Heights/Noe Valley area. We love the weather, the views of Dolores Park and walking to our three great neighborhoods: 24th St/Noe Valley, Valencia/18th St. and the Castro. In addition, the easy access to the J-Church Muni line keeps us connected to downtown. We have been active in real estate, the schools, and volunteer on various non-profit board of directors in the neighborhood. We like to think we have contributed in small ways to making this neighborhood more valuable, attractive and a magnet for people from all over the world.”

2. What neighborhood have you seen change most in San Francisco?

“The Sunset and Hayes Valley are two ends of the spectrum, very much SF! The Sunset has become the place to be, for young families and cool singles. It started with the surfer culture, lots of cafes and restaurants opening, then with the access to freeways South and available transit, these affordable homes have become hot, hot, hot! Hayes Valley has developed beyond recognition, into an upscale, sophisticated and hopping neighborhood, full of new condo developments and charming remodeled homes. SF Jazz was the icing on the cake to the Symphony and Opera and now Van Ness is finally coming along too. Easy access everywhere; definitely the City center coolest neighborhood!”

3. What do you love to do in your spare time? Do you have a favorite place to hang out?

“Walking and eating!  One of our favorite walks is from our home/Dolores Park across the City through the Marina/Crissy Field, up and over the GG Bridge, and down to Sausalito. Then we hop on the ferry back to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday at the Ferry Building! You’ll see us many early mornings, walking the Mission and Noe Valley too. Checking out the new restaurants all over town is usually what we call our fun nights out. From the new pizza place to the up-and-coming chefs, we have it all here in SF!”