Congratulations to Mark Shumway! He is celebrating an anniversary at Zephyr Real Estate this Fall and is based at our Upper Market office.

Mark Shumway has been an energetic and faithful San Francisco resident for over 25-years. With a long career in leadership development and executive coaching prior to joining Zephyr Real Estate, his infatuation for the city of San Francisco continues to drive his entrepreneurial spirit. With an unwavering commitment to his clients and belief that it is an honor to lead and guide sellers and buyers through the exciting world of real estate, he is at the top of his game. His passion and relentless optimism parallel in his life as a father, an established yogi and an energetic volunteer with local animal rescue foundations.

When catching up with Mark about his Zephyr anniversary, he shared some inside information about trends he sees across his client base.

1. Is there a specific style or architectural trend that most clients are interested in or would consider a deal-breaker if the house didn’t have it?

“It really depends on the client.  While some are impassioned by older more traditional SF architecture, others seek out new (newer) construction. A consistency I find with all my clients is the desire for a certain feeling when entering the home for the first time.  My clients often know rather quickly when viewing properties if a certain home/condo is one they want to potentially pursue.   I love watching my clients fall in love with a home and when they do, I do everything I can to help them get it.  It’s a great feeling.”

 2. What are a few features that your clients ask for most in a house?

“Most of my clients are looking for outdoor space, whether it be a backyard or small balcony where they can sit and/or create greenery.  I also find parking and possible future expansion/reconfiguration to be high on my client’s lists.”