Congratulations to Joan Loeffler! She is celebrating her 20-year anniversary with Zephyr Real Estate this March and is based in our Upper Market office.

Originally from Rochester, New York, Joan trained in Psychology, a foundation which assists her greatly in attempting to understand dynamically changing markets and how they impact clients. She spent her early career as a special education teacher for several years before transitioning to real estate.

Joan has been a consistent Top Producer at Zephyr for many years and a highly respected and lauded peer in the San Francisco Real Estate community. With a dogged determination to do whatever it takes to ensure that client satisfaction is top priority and a disciplined approach to building respectful relationships of highest integrity, Joan is rightfully rewarded by loyal, repeat clients, referrals from trusting friends and positive working relationships with peers.

Joan has been a San Francisco resident since 1977, an investment property owner, and a home owner in the Portola Neighborhood with her wife of many years. Besides being an animal lover, her love for golfing, swimming, yoga, gardening and volunteering all recharge Joan to continue to do the best work of her career.

We got to know Joan a little better when catching up with her about her Zephyr anniversary.

1. What neighborhood/city do you live in & why? How long have you lived there and what do you love best about it?

“I live in the Portola neighborhood for 20 years. It is gorgeous, I live right across the street from 312 acre McLaren park where I walk my dogs every day. Walking in nature has been a life-long love affair for me. It is my Zen moment and I love it. Before here, I lived across from Golden Gate park for 20 years. I rode my bike to the beach and all over the city for many years. Portola is a wonderful neighborhood, where there are lovely people from all over the world. When the rest of the city is feeling more crowded and parking is tough, I go home to my little piece of heaven where I can watch the birds and dance with nature.”

2. What do you love to do in your spare time? Do you have a favorite place to hang out in the Bay Area?

“Spare time–people always ask me what are my hobbies and likes. Though I love to garden, play golf, walk in nature, go to the theater, travel, I think I like people and helping them the best. I love touring the city and showing folks the area, playing with friends, laughing any old time. I have always tended to make my life busy, I rarely sit down. I will always move. I love it.”

3. Do you have a favorite architectural style or building in the Bay Area? In the world?

“I just came back from Cambodia, Myanmar and Dubai, I have seen it all. Thatch roofs in Myanmar, temples from the 10th century in Cambodia, and hundreds of brand new high-rises in Dubai. There is something for everyone out there. For me, I love the Craftsman homes, Victorians (with newer plumbing!), and I love that I live in such a great city that we have all kinds of houses. Places like the Cliff House, the Haas Lilianthal Home on Franklin, the row of Victorians on Steiner (and so many other blocks too). The gorgeous mansions of Pacific Heights, the I love that houses are painted all colors here and that folks will occasionally paint their home like a rainbow or with a mural. My 1960 boxy home is my favorite.”