Congratulations to James Romeo Holloway! He is celebrating 20-years at Zephyr Real Estate this August and is based at our Noe Valley office.

James has been a dedicated San Francisco Realtor with an enthusiasm for the Bay Area for over 20 years. Originally drawn to the business by his inherent passion for architecture, design, and the intensity of urban spaces, he is continuously energized by his love for the City. As a longtime resident, homeowner and restoration master, James offers his adept knowledge about San Francisco and continued enthusiasm to his clients, catering to a wide spectrum of buyers and sellers.

When congratulating James on his Zephyr anniversary, he shared a look behind the scenes to get to know him a little better.

1. What is your best advice for first time home buyers?

“Be methodical in your search so that you aren’t in a rush.  Learn the neighborhoods and what they can and cannot add to your lifestyle.  Also learn the weather, wind and traffic patterns.”

2. If you had to choose a neighborhood that is the best kept secret of San Francisco, which neighborhood would you choose and why?

“Little Hollywood.  It is well hidden and a tight-knit neighborhood.  Many of the houses are unique and properties rarely become available.”

3. Do you have a favorite architectural style and/or a favorite building in San Francisco? In the world?

“My favorite building in San Francisco is the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.  Every year it seems to become more a part of its environment. The Reichstag building in Berlin is one of my favorite buildings anywhere.  It was brought from damage and disrepair to a restored, yet updated and functioning, building for the public and the Bundestag (German Parliament). This amazing project was led by British architect Norman Foster.”