Congratulations to Ann Cordova! She is celebrating her 11-year anniversary with Zephyr Real Estate this summer and is based in our Upper Market office.

Ann began her real estate career over 40 years ago shortly after she moved here from Mainz, Germany, a beautiful city on the Rhine River. English quickly became her first language and she began selling and managing property in Texas, Georgia and Alabama. By the time she moved to San Francisco in 1977, she was ready to hit the ground running and rapidly became a Top Producer, selling property all over San Francisco.

Over the years, she has put together every kind of deal with every kind of investor. If it’s got dirt under it, she will work it! She proves to be as tenacious as a terrier when it comes to getting the best price on a sale or purchase, and her analytical side is equally as strong, with a serious enjoyment found in interpreting the particulars of a real estate contract.

Ann believes that while a real estate transaction is a significant event, it shouldn’t rule your life. While she is committed to staying in touch and keeping her clients fully apprised, she also remains sensitive to their personal needs, accommodating their lifestyle and schedule, with a promise to leave the client in control of the situation. A large number of Ann’s clients remain in her life as she sells real estate to their friends, loved ones, and now grown children.

We got to know Ann a little better when catching up with her about her Zephyr anniversary.

1. What is your favorite part of being a real estate agent?
“In June I will have been a REALTOR® for 40 years. My favorite part is still selling someone their first home and the friends and clients I have made during my career as well as some of friends in the real estate community.”

2. What neighborhood/city do you live in and why and what do you love best about it?
“I live in Eureka Valley, a neighborhood between the Castro and Noe Valley. I love the view of the ever-changing skyline and one of the most beautiful neighborhood gardens from my home.”

3. Is there one neighborhood, or city, in the Bay Area that you think is truly a hidden gem and why?
“I am drawn to views in SF as well as places such as the Napa Valley, Sonoma. A hidden gem may be the street I live on as most people don’t know where it is (Corwin Street) or parts of Russian Hill.”