San Francisco Community Alternative

San Francisco Community Alternative School is a kindergarten through eighth grade school which strives to create a learning environment where all students can develop the skills and tools they need to become effective decision makers and productive citizens in today's world.

Since our beginning in 1972, we have and to construct a strong support system for the personal growth of each student. The staff and community work together to learn about and practice antiracist, culturally conscious and inclusive ways of being to create a school culture that supports all students to meet our high standards and goals of excellence.

In our effort to provide all students with a meaningful and relevant education, the program at San Francisco Community School focuses on developing and implementing an interdisciplinary challange-based approach to learning. Students spend half the school year (two nine week sessions) in their project classes. We believe these stratergies help raise overrall student achievment while also addressing and redressing inequities in achievement, performance and school experience.

Test Assessments

Academic Performance Index (API)

  • API Score: 816
  • API Ranking Index: 6

California Standards Test (STAR)

  • STAR Students Scoring Proficient/Above (Math): 68.4 %
  • STAR Students Scoring Proficient/Above (English): 56.5 %
  • STAR Students Scoring Proficient/Above (History): 18.8 %

Student Body

  • Enrollment: 275
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 16.40
  • Male / Female Ratio: 57.5% M / 42.5% F
  • Diversity Index: 62.00
  • English Language Learners: 37.50
  • Average Daily Attendance: 94.3 %
    • Excused Absences: 3.0 %
    • Unexcused Absences: 2.7 %
  • Immunization Exemptions: 3.0 %
  • Drop-out Rate: N/A

Student Demographics

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  • Total Number of Teachers (FTE): 16.80
  • Average Years of Service: 7.10 years
  • Average Age of Teachers: 34.50 years
  • Average Annual Teacher's Salary: $59,012.00


  • Technology:
    • Total Number of Computers: 31
    • Students per Computer: 8.90
    • Rooms with Internet Access: 16
  • Special Education: 7.6 % of Students
  • GATE: 11.3 % of Students
  • Free or Reduced Lunch: 69.5 % of Students
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Specialty: Coed; General Education

125 Excelsior Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112


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School Forum

Tech Company Donates to Daniel Webster Elementary School
Last month, Sifteo, a Dogpatch start up company donated 25 sets of its interactive Sifteo cubes to Daniel Webster Elementary School.  The computers are being used by first graders to help with phonemic awareness, and as part of afterschool vocabulary and spelling programs.  Sifteo is making monthly visits to the after-school program to evaluate how well the Cubes are working, and solicit student ideas about new game designs.
Proposed Elementary Schools Map
This is a link to the recommendations being made to the Board on September 28th for the Elementary Schools.
School Address Fraud
Much has been written about the upcoming changes to the SF school assignment system... and one of the new aspects is supposed to be better verification that the address you provide for your student is actually the address where the student lives. ABC 7 had a story last night about a bunch of cases of address fraud that have been recently found in the district, with the district only putting in a minimal amount