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The Tenderloin is a small and densely-populated neighborhood near San Francisco's downtown, rich in history and diversity. Union Square, Civic Center and the Financial District are nearby, and public transportation is comprehensive. Hotels from the early Twentieth Century are well preserved, some as boutique tourist hotels and others transformed into supportive housing. It is home to many artists and writers as well as a largely working class population. The Tenderloin is thriving as an exciting and diverse slice of San Francisco life. There are gems to be found as this neighborhood comes into its own. Theaters, parks, ethnic restaurants, street festivals and Glide Memorial Church all call the Tenderloin their home.
  • Zip Code(s): 94102, 94109

Tenderloin Demographics

Total Population in 94102: 28,991
 Male: 60.70%
 Female: 39.30%
Median Age: 38.20 years
Population Under 5 Years Old: 3.10%
Population 65 Years Old and Over: 12.70%
Average Household Size: 1.69
Median Household Income: $22351
Occupied Housing Units
 Owner Occupied:5.20%
 Renter Occupied:94.80%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 29.20%
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Hispanic or Latino (of any race):13.50%
Foreign Born 37.40%
Speak Language Other Than English at Home: 43.30

Data source: US Census

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Tenderloin Blog

Insider PRO Tips For San Francisco Landlords
“Good fences make for good neighbors.” ~Robert FrostThat seems like a good real estate quote… especially for San Franciscans.  In a geographically small, competitive, dynamic real estate housing market like San Francisco it can take some creativity, work, and clear boundaries to keep us all living happily next to each other. That’s especially true for landlords and renters.  High rents combined with high regulations often put San Francisco landlords and tenants at odds.After 14 years of helping landlords buy, prep and rent out properties I’ve learned a lot about how clear boundaries, clear contracts, clear expectations, and clear communication can make life happier for everyone.  It’s great that San Francisco renters have protective laws and rights.  My motto is: Landlords have rights too.  I help San Francisco landlords follow the laws and maximize their profits in exchange for providing well-maintained condos, homes and apartments for San Franciscans to live in.So here they are, Katharine Holland’s…
TOP 8 Things To Know About Buying New Construction in San Francisco
When buying into new construction, there are many factors different from buying other homes. For just a few examples, did you know:when you sign into a building you waive your right to a realtor.building owners try to hide comparative pricing for units so they can charge more. The price for the exact same layout goes up about $20,000 for each floor higher you go.you must be pre-approved by the building’s lender.Don’t worry, I have the 8 Top Things To Know About Buying New Construction in San Francisco listed below to help you in the process. Plus, I am happy to talk you through any of it.
Clayton Humphries Joins Zephyr Real Estate’s Marin Office
Clayton Humphries Joins Zephyr Real Estate’s Marin Office San Francisco, CA – July 25, 2016 – Clayton Humphries is the latest local powerhouse to join the thriving Marin office of Zephyr Real Estate. His connections in both San Francisco and Marin County bring an expertise and energy that is incomparable. A San Francisco native, he was raised in Marin and is deeply involved in his community.

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