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You don't need a degree to find a good school in San Francisco, though it may feel like it. School searches in San Francisco are often as complicated as home searches, or more so. Fortunately for Zephyr clients, we've done the homework for you. We provide in-depth research, aggregated data and simple, easy-to-read profiles. Search by grade range, school type, address proximity, or even by keywords such as "language immersion," "girls only," "nonsectarian," or "French" to find just the right schools for your family.

Public Schools in San Francisco

Public school choice in San Francisco was once determined by an open lottery system in which the school you selected (or were ultimately assigned to) had nothing to do with the neighborhood where you lived. However, beginning with the 2011 school year, everything changed. The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) conducted an extensive analysis of the old system, and devised a solution to give families greater say in the selection process to keep kids closer to home, while hopefully ensuring diversity. Many challenges still remain, however, and we're here to help you navigate through it.

Private Schools

There are more than 100 private school choices in San Francisco, both parochial and independent. In many of these schools, volunteerism and fundraising may be required of families in addition to tuition. It's important to consider all options before applying, including school environment, diversity, extended care, tutoring, technology, fundraising requirements and other added costs. Many families in San Francisco also consider applying to both private and public schools, and then accept their favorite offer.

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