For Seniors: How to Maintain Your Home

Posted On: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 3:24pm | Posted By: Nancy Meyer
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Many seniors have been in their homes for 25 years or more. And often, as caring for the home becomes more challenging, seniors defer necessary maintenance as just too much to do. What are things to watch out for so that your home remains safe and whole?

  • Water Intrusion: After the wet winter we’ve just had, many homes have suffered water intrusion. If this includes you, it is important to find out if your home has been damaged by water in the basement, garage, or elsewhere. If this is not addressed, it can cause dry rot, affecting structural integrity.
  • Earth/Wood contact: Walk around the outside of your home and around your basement to see if there are any places where the wood of your house is in contact with earth. If this is the case, your house is vulnerable to wood boring beetles that will come up from the ground to feast on damp wood. This can also damage the structural integrity of your home and should be addressed.
  • It is always important to be sure that your roof and gutters are in good condition. Even if they are not actively leaking, having your roof checked periodically will determine its condition and save you future problems.
A Licensed Contractor or Structural and Pest Inspector will be able to assist you with looking at these issues and making necessary repairs. For more information about this visit The Contractors State License Board or The Structural Pest Control Board. Although there are other important issues to consider these will address some potential structural problems.

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