School Address Fraud

Posted On: Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 8:37am | Posted By: Matthew Fuller, GRI
Topics: Schools | Tags: Address Fraud, SFUSD

Much has been written about the upcoming changes to the SF school assignment system... and one of the new aspects is supposed to be better verification that the address you provide for your student is actually the address where the student lives. ABC 7 had a story last night about a bunch of cases of address fraud that have been recently found in the district, with the district only putting in a minimal amount of effort.

Given the wildly inconsistent quality of our public schools, it almost seems like a bit of a farce to think of people sneaking into SF from Marin or other places. I imagine hoardes of Mercedes sedans stealthily slipping into SF through the fog, dropping their trafficked human cargo a block or so from their school and then silently slipping away. Is there an iPhone app for this?


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