Careers in San Francisco Real Estate

At Zephyr, it's all about the agents...

If you're not working, we're not working. The success of the company depends on the success of our agents. We have a passion for providing the resources, support, and culture that enables our agents to be the most productive in the city. As a Zephyr agent you will enjoy:

  • The ability to manage your business the way you want from the office, from your home, or from your PDA with our state-of-the-art technology and tools
  • Approachable and experienced management, always ready to answer your questions and listen to your concerns (or your latest knock-knock joke)
  • An in-house marketing team to assist you with your personal branding and creative needs; and an easy-to-use online tool to create property websites, brochures, Craigslist ads, and sphere-of-influence marketing
  • Ongoing training and agent development programs to keep you informed and motivated, and keep your business on track
  • In-house tech support to save you from everyday glitches and turn you on to new tools
  • Supportive staff to assist you with your everyday office needs

To learn more about our unique company culture, new agent training program, or compensation plans, contact:

Tara Donohue

Managing Broker/Partner, West Portal Office


Matthew Borland

Managing Broker/Partner, Potrero Hill Office


Aimee Arost

Managing Broker/Partner, Noe Valley Office


Rob Rogers

Managing Broker/Partner, Upper Market and Castro Offices


Jill Gumina

Managing Broker, Pacific Heights Office


The Real Estate Simulator

We are excited to offer the Real Estate Simulator to prospects considering an affiliation with Zephyr. Newly licensed? This tool can help assess your suitability for the business. Seasoned pro ready to grow your business? This tool helps isolate areas of strength and areas which may be holding you back. Free, easy to use, and no strings attached. Click below to begin.

Real Estate Simulator